So, you’re all wondering where I’ve been the last… oh year or so. Well, I got extremely busy with work having to take over as Director up until last month. Thankfully, I no longer have to do it. It’s not something I liked all that much and it took up pretty much all of my free time. I’d get home and just be wasted and not wanting to think about anything. On top of that, this whole pandemic thing hit. I think everything can agree with me, it really sucks. And that’s an understatement.

Now that I have time to breathe again, I will resume coloring and get new comics posts starting in 2 weeks.

So, I do apologize for this entire time off, and I want to thank all the backers on Patreon for continuing to support The Wotch this whole time. You people are seriously the best!

Here’s a filler by Ian. It’s more than amazing and I wanted everyone to see it.

Oh, and here’s a message from Anne: “Wear your masks while in public!”