#20. A Girl and Her Blob
Jan 8
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12/27/2014 There's going to be a bit of a delay for the next comic -- but for a good reason!

On December 20, Andy Santos (the artist for "Everything Old...") ... [more]
12/1/2014 So, it's been a while since we've posted anything. To answer most of everyone's questions, no we haven't stopped the comic! Things just get in the way ... [more]
12/22/2013 Greetings everyone! So good news! There will be two story comics posted this week! The second will either be Thursday or Friday, so check back later this week.
12/16/2013 Wow, did this just happen? Did the next arc just start? Well it totally did! Now let the wild speculation begin!
12/11/2013 Hey look! We're back! The downtime was rather my fault. The old domain registrar stopped hosting, and I waited too long to renew... so that resulted ... [more]
Myrrh is obviously not well in her mind right now. More on that next time.

Yes, the girl who was formerly an adult male just referred to herself as the relatively normal one. What does that tell us about the rest of the cast. ;3

Now, these are probably my favorite last two rows of this story arc. Row 3 was another fun crossing of the stories, with a fun line from Jason, while row 4...well, I think it speaks for itself ^_^.

BONUS EXPLANATION! The potion is a one-time only powerful lunar magic represent, which includes lycanthropy. But it's not a cure! It's only temporary, and the were immediately becomes immune to its use again. It was Anne's trump card (discovered by Milo) for this fight...but not an end game. It may have taken the Jameston-controlled weres out...but Wolfie and Katie are out, too.

What? Katie too? Yep; Anne used the same spell that mixed the anti-Mythical potion into a rain cloud. You don't see it, but I'm declaring it so: some of the potion got to Myrrh, which then made it to Katie.

Hm...this comic was better without commentary. AMNESIA DUST!

There. No comment for this comic.

^_^ [less]