#20. A Girl and Her Blob
Sep 25
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12/27/2014 There's going to be a bit of a delay for the next comic -- but for a good reason!

On December 20, Andy Santos (the artist for "Everything Old...") ... [more]
12/1/2014 So, it's been a while since we've posted anything. To answer most of everyone's questions, no we haven't stopped the comic! Things just get in the way ... [more]
12/22/2013 Greetings everyone! So good news! There will be two story comics posted this week! The second will either be Thursday or Friday, so check back later this week.
12/16/2013 Wow, did this just happen? Did the next arc just start? Well it totally did! Now let the wild speculation begin!
12/11/2013 Hey look! We're back! The downtime was rather my fault. The old domain registrar stopped hosting, and I waited too long to renew... so that resulted ... [more]
Lots of "Cheer!" guest stars today, including two that haven't appeared in the pages of The Wotch yet: Allison Wise and Kal Evans (who I drew wearing a skirt. That is not actually correct, so apologies to Tsel on that one. And a thank you for letting me use the characters. I figured why make another tough-gal bully when one already exists?

Mostly another set up comic, but still fun. Hopefully the pay off(s) are also fun. ;) Robin knocked this out of the park, particularly the "fade in" of Allison Wise from the alley.

I'm pretty happy with how the backgrounds came out, too, considering that is not my forte. I can admit that. [less]